Beautiful things do not require attention... Good food doesn’t require attention... So we have to discover it for ourselves!

We are a young, dynamic, resilient, digital company. Besides these things we share together 'a crush 4 good food', because love goes through the stomach! For example, we regularly look for tasty eateries in Belgium, the Netherlands and even as far as Germany. 'Fish, meat, poultry, vegan, low-calorie and nutritious', we did not encounter these 6 combinations anywhere else than in the Oriental cuisine.


Our Story

The idea originated as a project in response to the Corona crisis and a lack of overview of all the sushi restaurants. We love the Oriental cuisine, the culture and customs that it carries with it. The current developments of the Covid-19 are accompanied by measures and restrictions. Since 2020, we have seen meeting places such as cafes and restaurants forced to close by government order and lose contact with their public.

Despite the popularity of these delicious Oriental dishes, not all restaurants are fully present on the digital market and not always easy to find. The market is wide in terms of restaurants, but we focus on Oriental cuisines. We don't want to see this quality, care and with passion prepared dishes disappear like snow in the sun. Therefore, my partner and I joined forces.

With our many years of experience in the hospitality and services sector, we saw an opportunity in the market and what is needed. Together with a team of experts, we developed a digital marketplace where supply and demand meet.

Our Mission

An online marketplace for Oriental cuisine lovers:

  • Clear.
  • User-friendly.
  • Easy.
  • Fast and does what it should.

Because who has time for the hassle that a website or app can entail when we are squinting from hunger?